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Run for men, by men

Slimmin’ Without Women is for men who are ready to become more active, lose weight and feel great about themselves but don’t want to attend a mainstream slimming club.

Run for men, by men, the sessions offer a friendly and informal space to motivate and inspire each other. Sessions include a regular weigh-in, peer support and health talks, with the option to take part in a range of activities.

First trialled by Age UK Oldham in late 2014 as a weight-loss course for men, it quickly became clear that once the 12 week course Finished, the weight that had been lost, and more besides, was put back on in a classic ‘yo-yo dieting’ scenario.

A long-term solution was needed, and so at the end of 2017, Slimmin’ Without Women CIC was formed to offer the ongoing support and motivation men need to develop a healthier lifestyle based on making informed diet and activity choices.

Now, with support from some of the leading health and wellbeing organisations in the area, Slimmin’ Without Women are running sessions throughout Tameside and Oldham with plans to expand throughout Greater Manchester and beyond.

What We Offer

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Weekly Sessions

Each session is designed to build the awareness, knowledge and support needed to make a real difference to overall health and wellbeing. Baseline measurements (Height, Weight, Waist, BMI etc.) allow the men to track their individual progress and celebrate their success. In addition, NHS health checks are available to eligible participants through Positive Steps (Oldham) and Be Well Tameside.

The weekly sessions offer the chance to:

  • Check your weight
  • Share the hints and tips that will help others
  • Learn how to achieve sustainable weight loss
  • Focus on a health topic
  • Join in optional activities
  • HAVE FUN !!!

Based on the NHS Choices weight-loss programme the topics covered include:

  • Calorie balance
  • Portion sizes
  • Healthy cooking
  • Food labels
  • Getting Active
  • Food cravings and overcoming the barriers

Supporting your Wellbeing

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Health & Wellbeing

More than just losing weight, Slimmin’ Without Women can help in understanding and dealing with some of the main health condition facing men, including:

  • Diabetes and Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Heart Conditions
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Dementia

Working closely with the leading authorities on these and other health conditions, Slimmin’ Without Women aims to raise awareness of the support available to men and their families when facing health conditions.

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Latest Sessions on Facebook

Meet Paul

Paul_before Pauls_after

Paul realised he needed to change when he looked at his holiday snaps. Paul joined the original Slimmin’ Without Women trials weighing over 19st. Now, through steady, controlled and safe weight-loss, Paul weighs in at a trim 14st!!!

‘I’ve never liked the gym, so I set myself a goal to walk more each day. As the weight started to come off, I was able to walk a little further and a touch quicker. Being part of a group has given me the motivation to keep on track’.

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